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"Driveline Lubricants"

Over the years I have been model boating, I have used MANY different driveline lubricants. It has been an continual change for me into what I now run. Until the middle of this racing season I had used a light multi-purpose grease made by Mercury Marine called 2-4-C. This was the Best Grease I had found. A friend of mine, and fellow Indy Model Boat Club Member (Joe Kramer) let me run his 20 mono at the IMPBA Nats, and while there I found that his driveline was VERY free (Better than Mine). Being a 20 hydro racer, I knew that the driveline being FREE FREE FREE is extremely important! When I got back I asked him about his driveline lubricant and he told me that he had seen a commercial about Prolong on TV and it had interested him. He called the local distributor, who sent him a sample. He mixed a small quantity with 90 weight gear oil. It seemed to stay on the flex shaft very well and was VERY FREE RUNNING! I have only about a half season on this switch, but I feel really good about it. OK, how about other boaters who are going FAST. What are they running? I just hung up the phone with Andy Brown and he told me that he is using Lubriplate Marine Lube A. He goes really fast so this is one that you should check out. Jim Irwin told me that he and Stu Barr, both very fast boaters, are using a mixture of STP and 20 weight Motor Oil (1/2 pint to 1 quart). Ron VanWagnen tells me that Mercury Marine has a high performance SYNTHETIC gear lube that really performs well in his application. I will be trying that with my Prolong. If others of you feel that you have found the PERFECT driveline lubricant, let me know and I will pass the word along.
With all the "High Tech Lubricants" out there, and the technical nature of our hobby, there must be someone out there who REALLY KNOWS about this! Let me know, unless it is secret. I promise, I will keep it between myself and the readers of the Tech Notes.

until Next Month..........

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