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"Roadrunner Kicks Butt" Most Masters Champions and Top Qualifiers used Roadrunner Boats Competition Hulls!SEE RESULTS

We continually develop new equipment to ALWAYS stay on top of the Competition RC Boat Market. Look at the record: More wins at the past I.M.P.B.A. Internats than all the other Hydro Class manufacturers put together!

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Roadrunner Boats

Current Price Sheet

RoadrunnerPhase IPhase IIUltra Light
21 Size307.80382.80482.80
45 Size321.00396.00496.00
67 Size342.40422.40527.40
80/90 Size362.20442.20552.20
Twin 45488.80613.80N/A
Twin 67488.80613.80N/A
Twin 80/90488.80613.80N/A

Hardware Price List:

Hull (No Hardware)165.00Servo Trays (Small)6.50
Twin Hull (No Hardware)195.00Servo Trays (Medium)7.50
Front Sponsons125.00Servo Trays (Large)8.50
90 & Twin Sponsons(Front)135.00Servo Trays (Twin)12.50
All Rear Sponsons75.00Boat Stand19.95
Booms20.00Boat Stand (Assmb)29.95
Booms (Twin 67/90)25.00Boom Collars (4)8.00
Sponson Tubes15.00Strut (Small)22.00
Cowl (ABS)12.00Strut (Large)25.50
Twin Cowl18.00Turn Fin25.00
Motor Mount48.00Turn Fin (Sharpened)35.00
Twin Motor Mount68.00Speedmaster Rudder40.00
Prices - Effective August 1, 1996

Ready to Run Boats Available - Special Order Only

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