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Now Available - Excel Version - Nitro Engines!(AMERICAN)

Now Available - Excel Version - Nitro Engines!(METRIC)

How Fast ya want ta go ?

Several years ago I realized that the guys who were REALLY fast were the ones who took great pains with their equipment. They talked about subject’s the average boater hadn’t heard about. How were these guys getting such performance? They were “Tuning” their engines by good fit, good timing, and just generally knowing their engine. One of my closest friends, an engineer and I started talking about the possibility of making a tool for ourselves to measure our engine, convert the measurements to useful data and applying the results to the engines. There were complex formulas involved. After several years we were able to set up this tool and found it indispensable. I thought that it was too good to keep to myself, so I decided to sell it on a very limited basis. People from everywhere got wind of it and the rush was on. The program is used by RC Competitors in Boats, Planes, Giant Scale, Cars, Go-Cart racers, Motorcycle Racers. The Engine Analysis Program includes many useful sections including calculating compression ratios in two methods, the conversion of measurement into degrees of duration, a head manufacturing module, which will allow you to build the perfect head button. You will also be given the correct size carb to use for your application, a time study section, and the correct length to use for your tuned pipe. You will also be shown several other output items including maximum rod angle, blow down degrees, open & closing points for your rotor or crank induction system, degrees of open duration of your induction system, duration of the intake & exhaust ports. You are asked to input the measurements of several items of your engine and the outputs are automatically generated. You will soon discover that small changes made using this program will yield VERY large performance increases. Over the past several years a group of serious boat competitors have been running many engines on our dynamometer and the sample engine specifications given in this program are a summary of these findings. You are getting our test results as part of the package.

If you are interested in increased performance from your 2 cycle engine this is your tool. Is it difficult to use? Very easy. Measurement of the engine is all that is required.

The MINIMUM requirements for using this product are a 386 computer, 4 megs of Ram, Windows Installed, Quattro Pro for Windows. 8 Megs of ram will greatly speed up calculations. 4 megs will work but will be slow.

Price for Engine Analysis Program $99.95 freight prepaid. (Except Foreign Orders)

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