A Supplement to "The Engine Analysis Software"

In making head buttons for your engine, the configuration of the Squish Band is a PRIMARY CONSIDERATION. You also need a squish velocity sufficient to create a strong plugging effect toward the center of the combustion chamber. The velocity of the squish charge accelerates at the top of the combustion cycle and the maximum squish pressure ratio is developed at about 5-10 degrees before top dead center.

The maximum squish velocity AND the maximum squish pressure MUST occur at between 5 and 10 degrees before top dead center for maximum power. How much squish velocity should you look for in your engines? My 21 Nova Rossi has a maximum squish velocity of between 55 and 60 Meters per second (Why the metric measurements? - The Blair software uses the Metric measurement.).

My engine specs for the Nova Rossi 21 yield a Squished Kinetic Energy of .73 mj. This really tells you the amount of power that the squish band is producing in the total picture of the combustion chamber. I run a trapped compression ratio of 10.3:1 and exhaust timing of 183 exhaust open at 88.5 degrees after top dead center (This computes to an open duration of 183 degrees).

I calculate that my MAXIMUM engine RPM is approximately 34,000 RPM. I use a squish area ratio of 65% of the total bore (In other words I look for a squish band that represents an area equal to 65% of the total bore area). How do I know that these figures are what I have on my BEST engine? I applied the Engine Analysis software and the software from Dr. Blair, to my engine specifications, to document my BEST engine.

The Blair Software and The Engine Analysis Software will solve the complex formulas necessary to do this documentation! The Blair Software adds further refinements to my knowledge base in addition to the documentation of the base engine in " The Engine Analysis Program".

I can build as many engines as I want, that are equal to my BEST engine with the use of these two most valuable tools. Anyone who know me well, know that I try to make it possible to "duplicate successes"! (This is not to say I don't learn from failures - quite the contrary, I probably learn MORE from my failures!).

What do I mean by that? I want to be able to duplicate my best engine, my best prop, my best pipe setup and my best boat setup. There are "WAY TO MANY" variables in model boating (and model car racing) to be able to keep up with them without tools for this purpose.

I have developed " The Engine Analysis Software" and " The Prop Duplicator" to do this for me. I knew that it would be helpful to everyone(a necessity to some). You can have both of these aids from MWD & Associates. The Blair book & software can be purchased from SAE (Click Here

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