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Many boaters have been to a contest and seen the "Really Fast Guys". How are they that much faster than everyone else? Most times it is because they have a propeller which is up to 15 mph faster than you can buy stock. How is this possible? Fine tuning (bending) the prop can and does add this much to performance. Up until now the ONLY WAY to get a prop like this is to convince one of the "Tweakers" to bend you a prop for your boat. NOW YOU CAN HAVE THAT "BEST PROP" AND IN FACT CAN HAVE AS MANY AS YOU WANT !!

In the simplest of terms, "The Prop Duplicator" is a MOLD of MY BEST PROPS which will allow you to pound and bend a prop to make it EXACTLY like my best prop!

* We have developed a way to reshape your prop with "The Duplicator" to make it exactly like the Super Prop The Duplicator was made from.

* We have developed prop duplicators for all size Hydros (21, 45, 67, 80/90) and Outboard (21 & 45), 1/8 scale, sport 40, 21 Mono.

* Example: Lets say you run a 21 Hydro. You can put a 1450 Octura or 50X69 Tidewater Prop on The Prop Duplicator and with a few pecks of a brass hammer it is exactly like the Great Prop The Duplicator was made from. Tweak it yourself and learn about what various bends do. If you screw it up, put it back on The Duplicator and a few pecks makes it as good as the Great prop The Duplicator was made from. You can really learn about props this way!

* We will also make custom Duplicators for you so you can duplicate that Great Prop you have developed and are afraid of losing. (Prices available on request)

Price for "The Prop Duplicator" $46.95 freight prepaid.

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