Getting to know Rc Trucks

The initials Rc stands for radio controlled. Rc trucks are radio controlled vehicles that are powered by nitro, gasoline or electric energy and are controlled by a special kind of transmitter called radio control. Rc vehicles are toy vehicles connected to a controller using a radio frequency link. Electric trucks are most common for beginners. They use electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries such as nickel cadmium, lithium polymer and nickel metal hydride cells. There are two types of electric motors used in electric trucks. These are brushed and brushless motors. Today, the use of brushless motors is preferred because of their efficiency and power.

Rc trucks can be classified as on-road and off-road vehicle. On road vehicles are made adaptable for driving on smooth surface roads. They are characterized by much less robust suspension and limited to driving in smooth or paved surfaces. Off-road trucks on the other hand are characterized by full functional off-road suspension including wide tires. These characteristics of off-road rc trucks are suitable for driving in variety of rough terrain. Toy grade trucks are pre-assembled being sold in at discount prices in consumer electronics stores. The nitro and gasoline trucks use internal combustion engines to provide power for driving. Nitro trucks use nitro fuel which is a mixture of nitro methane, methanol and oil. Gas trucks use gasoline fuel, which is a mixture of gasoline and oil. It is recommended that novices begin with electric trucks because of their ease to work with compared to gasoline trucks that require more maintenance.

Nitro rc trucks are cheaper compared to electric trucks but the cost of fuel and maintenance makes them expensive in the long run. An average medium scale nitro truck is about $ 50 to $ 100 cheaper than an entry level electric truck in its class. It is easy to operate toy vehicles and still have fun. They have relatively low danger with speeds ranging from 16 km/h-32 km/h. Rc toy vehicles are designed with features resembling those of real cars. The features found in remote controlled toy vehicles include working lights, realistic interiors, sounds, hoods and opening doors. An rc truck can feature a working sound system with MP3 player and radio.

Early rc trucks were crude when compared to today’s standards. A better explanation is a modified rc car with a different body and different wheels. Early trucks were made more of for looks and driving on smooth surfaces. Driving them on rough terrain would probable, they would likely break. The older trucks were mostly packaged in kits for one’s own build and assembly. Modern trucks come ready assembled either partially or completely. They are thus called Ready to Run (RTR) trucks. When a hobbyist buys such a truck, it is ready to be driven right out of the box. All a person has to add are batteries for electric trucks and nitro fuel for nitro trucks. Still, some vehicles are available in kits. Modern trucks provide miniature wonders of technology. The rc vehicles really look exciting with advanced electronics, high powered nitro engines, amazing handling and performance.

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