RC Drift Cars: Excitement and Enjoyment

Drifting has become more than just a trick performed only by serious RC enthusiasts. It is now considered a must-learn skill in many RC racing circles. Thanks to Hollywood movies that put the spotlight on this thrilling maneuver, more and more fans are curious to learn how to drift.

What is Drifting?

To drift essentially means to swerve out the back wheels of your RC car while moving forward, and you slide sideways around corners. Drift racing is not about speed, but about how good you look, as you drift around corners and the ability to achieve the really cool angles that good drift racer can achieve. It looks easy, but it is a challenge to do right, especially at higher speeds. RC cars don’t have the same braking mechanism or clutch that full size race cars do. To get an RC car to drift, you need to master steering and throttle control in place of these components.

RC car drifting is a nice variation to basic RC car driving. A lot of hobbyists spend extra time and cash to master the art, either purchasing an RC drift car, or making all the modifications needed to and create a reliable drift car. With some practice, you too can drift your RC car gracefully and masterfully. If you are converting an on-road RC car to drfting, you will need to purchase drift wheels that fit your vehicle.

What RC Cars, Are Best for Drifting?

Electric RC drift cars are probably the most popular type used for drifting mostly because they are less expensive than their Nitro counterparts, and are easier to control from a drifting perspective. Electric RC drift cars are also easier and less expensive to maintain.

Is It Hard to Modify your exisitng RC Car for Drifting?

No, not at all. Regular RC on-road cars ( electric or nitro gas) that are 4 wheel drive, can be converted into drifting cars with the right tires. Drift tires are available ready-made and can ususally be fitted to your car type and model. If your car is 2 wheel drive, you will be limited in how much drifting you can do, and you may want to investigate what would be involved to convert your car to four wheel drive.

One of the best things about the RC car hobby, is that electric RC drift cars are available on-line for a fairly moderate price, so if it is not easy to convert your existing RC car, purchasing a RC drift car should be well within your budget.

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