RC Cars Are Catching Up To Real Cars

They entertain, excite and impress by their designs and features. They are radio controlled cars or if you like remote controlled cars. The main science behind these rc cars is using radio transmissions to maneuver the cars like you would do with a normal steering wheel. These cars are wonderful play toys to kids especially but all age groups can indulge in their use.

Technological advancements in the motoring industry have trickled down to the radio controlled cars in amazing fashion. At present day and age these cars are powered by various energy sources including electricity, nitro, gas and battery. The designers of these rc cars have gone as far as fitting the cars with such features as radios and mp3 players that actually work!

Of all the radio controlled cars available, the nitro rc cars have gotten the best reviews as being the premier cars to have. The synonym of nitro is of course speed and blistering speed at that. The nitro powered cars have been known to achieve mind boggling speeds and have even beaten real cars in racing. The nitro fuel is a special mix made of methanol, oil and nitro methane. Go figure.

The electric rc car, though they trail their nitro powered counterparts in speed, still provide much entertainment and fun. They also are very cheap considering that electricity is readily available. What the electric rc car loses in speed they make up in design and functionality. Improvements in technology have led to development of more efficient chargers which have made the cars more enjoyable.

The guzzlers that they are, gas powered rc cars are inadvertently more costly than the electric and nitro powered cars. These also are bigger in size and so require bigger space in order to be experienced in full. They compensate for speed with lots of power and longevity. These gas powered rc cars have been made so as not to consume a lot of fuel.

To get the best out of radio controlled cars you need to know all about them so as you can get all accessories that go with the different kind of models on offer. These accessories like batteries for the electric rc car and rc gas car, a glow plug heater for the nitro rc cars, are critical to the functionality of the models. As such hype about these cars is far from being quenched.

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