Suggestions for Enhancing the use of The Engine Analysis Software

Technical Papers:

Numerous Technical Papers have been written concerning all facets of the RC Model Engine and can be viewed HERE.

This is an accumulation of various Technical Papers produced over the past 10 years. This information will be useful for all sectors of the RC Model Racing Community.

Special attention is suggested to the technical paper dealing with accurate measurement of an rc engine.

This paper can be found HERE. This paper will make the use of your Engine Analysis Software MUCH more accurate and repeatable.

Sample Engines:

It is strongly suggested that new users of the Engine Analysis Software look at the example engines, in the size that you are running, and duplicate one of them. These engines have been extensively tested on the dyno and in actual race conditions, and the specifications shown will produce an engine which is HIGHLY competitive. If you would like a specific suggestion in each engine size and application, we would be happy to provide a specific suggestion.


Help with The Engine Analysis Software is always available by writing an e-mail to: