Comparison between Nitro and Electric RC Trucks

People have different hobbies and it comes in different forms. You can tell the type of people you meet by the kind of hobby they have. It is no surprise that you get to know grown-up men who still play RC trucks like the way boys would play with their toy cars. This is because men are still boys in their inmost beings. This does not mean that men remain childish, only that a part of them chose to stay within their childhood joy.

The two most popular types of RC trucks are Nitro RC trucks and electric RC trucks. Nitro RC trucks are run by fuel while the electric RC trucks are powered by powerful battery packs that are electrically charged. Both have advantages and corresponding disadvantages. Nitro trucks are known to be really good when it comes to speed. This is because the fuel is a special kind of oil; it somewhat boosts the engine. Electric trucks on the other hand are not far behind. Before the advent of technological advances, electrically charged RC trucks are inferior when it comes to power, but with the new modifications on new models, it has become on par with other types of RC trucks.

When it comes to cost, most of the enthusiasts agree that it is more practical to run electric RC trucks. Electric RC trucks are cheaper compared to the Nitro Trucks. Moreover, it is a lot more costly to maintain Nitro run RC trucks simply because you have to have it cleaned regularly because of its usage of fuel. Both trucks can be customized according to the taste of the owners but the prices for the said enhancement and accessories considerably differ.

Although there is no general conclusion as to which one is better, it is safe to assume that each type will do just as great as long as it answers your requirements. The amount of care you give to your toy will greatly determine its quality and life span. Both cars are safe to play with although electric cars are the safer of the two. Nitro RC trucks emit exhaust smoke which could have lethal effect to your kids especially if the car went on for so long without regular maintenance. Electric trucks on the other hand do not have any form of exhaust since it uses electricity for power.

We could name another sets of similarities and differences between Nitro and Electric RC trucks, but the real issue actually whether it answers your specifications. If you believe that nitro trucks work better for you then by all means purchase one and bring it home, but if you believe otherwise then go buy an electric RC truck instead. There are so many you can do about these things. You may choose never to play with them and just place it there in your display closet as a decoration, or you could have it run around and fill your surrounding with screeching and laughter.

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